Sunday, May 21, 2006


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cause for Concern!

"Cars are bringing the cities of the world to a standstill."

"Green belt areas are being destroyed at an alarming rate."

"Air pollution has reached danger levels in some countries."

"Poverty is a problem in all parts of the world."

"Unemployment is hitting some industrialized countries badly."

"Wildlife is under threat from human activity."

Friday, May 12, 2006

God bless you granpa!

when ever I think about my childhood, the first things that cross my mind are those sweet childish plays and memories I had with my granpa. He was the super man of my life! Not only his tongue, but also his face could talk to you. I could see all those gone days of his life, in the deep wrinkles on his forehead. His well-opened blue eyes_sheltered under his grey eyebraws_were the oceans of deep thoughts. I could see the waves of happiness and great care in them, and still strong enough to see every thing in details. His red-colored cheeks were like two "Red, Red Roses" which were a sign of his love and affection: just like the cheeks of those happy and healthy children playing joyfully in gardens. His skin was bright_bright as a spring moonlight night. It was always clean-shaved and shiny_shiny like the summer sunny days. His pink lips were always smiling and his white teeth were visible, resembling the sea pearls kept in the shell of his mouth. And his speeches: they were like a cool breeze in a desert which touched your heart and soul softly! God bless you!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Crazy kid!

"Could I go out please?" that was the question I kept asking since the very begining moment of the class but I recieved no response! In fact, this is the
story of a funny and at the same time disappointing event which happend to me when I was a five-year-old kid. After all those years, I can still remember that unforgetable day as if it happened just a week ago!
Now, when I think about that event, I wonder how I could do what I did! I think I had lost my mind and conciousness at the time of committing that "crime".

It was the third day of my going to kindergarten. I kissed my mom, we waved hands and finally, I entered the class with my eyes filled up with tears. I had not got used to going to kindergarten yet, and I hated being in the class inspite of its fantastic atmosphere, my lovely classmates and our perfect teacher. I had a hard time getting along with other kids and all I was thinking about was finding an opportunity to escape out of the class. There was nothing amusing for me. I would just sit at one corner, looking arround, without uttering even a word. I hated every thing and every one. I did not like to see all the beauties arround, I did not like to hear those sweet, childish songs and I even refused to eat those delicious candies we were given at breakfast. But no use!
No one cared about my so-called threatening behaviour and that was what made me angry to death and brought that ugly thought to my mind! "Now, I know what do to!" I thought angrily. I woke up as fast as I could, ran towards the teacher and stopped right in front of her feet. "Again, asking the same question Honey?" She said with a smile on her red, velvety lips. " I want to go out because I have to, Teacher." I replied loudly. "No way! Get back to your seat or I'll be mad at you!" I could not believe her shout at me since it was the first time I had seen her anger. So, I asked her to bend a little so that I could tell her something in the ears. She did and I, instead of telling her what I wanted to, gave her a box at the face! She was too shocked to move and me too! I did not know what to do and she either!
After that day, I did not go to that kindergarten any more for I was kicked out from there!
And now what I really think about, is meeting that poor teacher again and beg her a big excuse!


In recent years, in most of the countries, co-education has become a hot topic! Recently, most of the researchers are doing their researches on the pros and cons of this type of education. In many foreign countries, it has been proved that co- education is necessarily needed even at the primary schools, whereas, in some others such as Iran, they do not believe so! What do you think then? Are you one of those people for or against it?

As a matter of fact, I think co-education system has much more benefits than those single-sex ones.

First of all, students studying in mix schools, are capable of communicating with other sex easier, so it will be more natural and helps them to act much more socially when in society.

The other important reason for having co-education system, is that both boys and girls, can gain confidence when associating with each other_the confidence that they need for being a member of some larger groups in the"future society".

What's more, it is also more economical for the government need less budget for running such schools.

So, according to my opinion, It is much better to have schools of both sex. Then, we can all communicate with each other easier and get ready to be presented in a "larger school" called society.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Child Labouring

In recent years, especially in underdevelopment countries, we might hear about or even see the cases in which children are engaged in some kind of paid work. I am sure you remember those old stories you heard from your grandparents in childhood about children in far way lands who were doing jobs, mostly labour ones and some for experience or its fun.

As a matter of fact, the first thing that might strike in
every one's mind, when hearing about those children who work, is an utter disaster! On the other hand, some of you may believe in those valuable experiences that children can gain for their future life, when working-the experiences which they may never get to when becoming an adult. But it is not always so! Sometimes the situation turns out to be totally different. What it could be then? In other words, have you ever thought about those children, with worn-up shoes and sleeve-torn clothes, wandering in the streets and jumping to you begging for some money! What do their pail feces tell you? How do their innocent and restless eyes talk to you? And the noise of their teeth chattering in a cold, snowy night! Then what could be the experience beyond this so-called working? Or could there be any? The answer is clear: "of course not"! And this is the real disaster.

So in every society, from the richest to the poorest ones, you can find the situations of children, working both for experience and child labouring. Then this is the time when we should say hello or damn on the guardians and the authorities of the societies!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where I'd like to visit: Malaysia

Ancient Malaysia: 35,000 BC_ 100 BC
The ancient history of Malaysia is what most of the historians often talk about. In fact, they believe that it is a kind of "black hole" in Asia history. The truth is that there is not much evidence or written records from ancient Malaysia. But more archeological sites are along the coasts and in the jungles and hills, but still not vivid enough to be discovered!

People and Culture
There is a mixing of culture in Malaysia since the very beginning of its history. More than 15,000 years ago, Malaysia welcomed people from China and India. With the arival of gold and silks, Buddhism and Hinduism also came to Malaysia. Then about a thousand years later, Arabs arrived in and brought the principles and practices of Islam. After that, the Portuguese arrived with their impire. More than a quarter of the population of Malaysia are Chinese. Malaysians of Indian are about 7% of the population including Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians. Non_Malay indigenous groups make up about 66%. The "other " category includes Malaysians of interalia, European and middle Eastern descent.

Malaysia's size is similiar to that of Norway. Natural trees and forests cover almost three quarter of the land, an area eqivelent to almost the entire United Kingdom. One can walk for hundreds of miles, on a "green belt" with different plant and animal species.

Kuala lumpur, as the capital of Malaysia, has so much to offer_it is widely known as KL, the city of skyscrapers. You will fall in love wih it, with its buzz and also the mix of cultures. There are wonderful attractions to see. There are fabulous landscapes, such as beautiful jungles, its wonderful beach and ancient places. It also has got a fantastic art both in painting and architecture. Caving, scuba diving and sahara trips are the hobbies you can have and enjoy. It is worth mentioning the rich business and also shopping at the "all-night-up" stores in KL.

So, with all these beauties, attractions and fun in Malaysia, where are you planning to go for the "coming holiday"?!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Have you ever heard the word "euthanasia"? If you are a phisician, of cource you do know about it and if not, can you guess what it is? In fact euthanasia or "Mercy kiling" is a technical term used in medical science. As amatter of fact, when a person is in coma, or there is no cure, but still hope for his return, doctors or sometimes the patient's family may prefer to give an end to his life for they do not want him to suffer any more! what is your idea then?

Doubtless I am one of those people who is against this so-called "mercy kiling". One of the most important reasons which makes me against it is meddling in God's affairs. As we do not know when we want to come to this planet as his creatures or human beings, we also should not and are not allowed to give up some one's or even our own life!

Moreover, by the daily improvements and scientific achievements, soon a cure may be found so that the person who was about to die, can start his life again. So if you do the euthanasia, what is going to happen then!

Another important reason which I want to mention is that we were born for responsibilities. Responsibilities for every one, every thing and in all aspects of our life and always remember not to give up and lose hope, but to stand firmly and climb the life mountains in the storm of difficulties.

To sum up, I wish to have people around me with strong wills and capable of tolarating even the most exaggerating problems of life and try to find God's light and power in their hearts and souls! Looking forwards it!